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Class Info

Canine Capers Dog Agility Club offers four distinct levels of training.

Each session is 8 weeks long on the same day each week.

The cost of each session is $208 and is payable before or during the first class of each session.  


Feel free to download our Canine Capers Building Blocks document for a concise overview of these class descriptions. Click on the document title to open it and save to your hard drive.

In the Agility Foundation Skills Class young and inexperienced dogs are introduced to Canine “Capers 5Fs” for beginning agility teams.  Fundamentals, Flatwork, Focus, Foundation for future obstacle training and Fun!  Here the focus is on building a relationship between the dog and handler, engaging the dog in the learning process and providing the dog with the foundation skills used later in agility training. 

The Agility Obstacles Skills Class is a continuation of the agility team’s skill building progression.  This class consists of drills focused on perfecting obstacle performance.  Once teams are happily, confidently and consistently performing all agility obstacles as required they may be promoted to the handling class.  (Dogs entering this level must have graduated from the Foundation Skills class or, if transferring into Canine Capers with a partially trained dog, demonstrate that they have mastered the skills taught in that class.)

The Agility Handling Skills class focuses on developing course analysis skills, exploring different handling techniques and perfecting the handling skills best suited for the team.  (Dogs entering this level must have graduated from the Obstacle Skills level or, if transferring into Canine Capers with a partially trained dog, demonstrate that they have mastered the skills taught in that class.)

The Agility Master Class focuses on helping teams shave seconds off their time.  They achieve this by executing international/advanced handling techniques to fine tune their runs for more exacting obstacle performance.  A team must have achieved an AKC Excellent Standard (AX) title or the equivalent as a prerequisite for entry to this class.

Due to the high volume of requests for class information and enrollment, we have implemented the following procedure for new and/or prospective students. These steps MUST be done prior to enrolling in a class or joining Canine Capers.

1) You MUST visit at least one of our training sessions. Be sure to pick one at the appropriate level, ie: Foundation, Obstacle Skills, Handling Skills, etc. Click here to see a schedule of our class times. NOTE: No appointment is necessary.

2) Some weeks (or days), we do not have classes due to trials, etc. So, it is imperative that you check the Calendar on this website to make sure we are having classes the week and day you would like to visit.

3) Once you have visited the appropriate class and decide that you want to enroll, you will need to fill out the enrollment form by clicking here, or on the Enrollment Form link in the menu at the top of any page.  Be sure to fill in all appropriate boxes.

4) We will then contact you and advise you of the status of the class you have requested. Please be advised that there is often a waiting list. We try and accommodate new members as best we can, but class sizes are limited to allow the maximum benefit for each class.

Please note the following General Rules:
1) Your dog MUST be kept On-Lead at all times in the building and in the parking lot.

2) For the safety of you, your dog and others, you are not allowed to use any of the equipment until you have joined and have begun receiving instruction.      

3) You MUST clean up after your dog both inside and outside of the building. Plastic bags are available at several locations inside of the building. Spray bottles of deodorizer are also available for use inside the building.  If you need assistance, please ask someone to help you.

Thank you for your interest in Canine Capers.