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About Us

Canine Capers, located in Norcross, Georgia, is the premier Agility Training Site and Club in the state.

As the first club to be approved for both AKC and USDAA trials, we are able to host up to 4 trials per year for the agility enthusiast.  Canine Capers provides quality agility training for all levels and all breeds of dog. Our indoor facility provides for this training year-round.

Our 20,000 square foot building allows us to set up multiple training rings which allows simultaneous training at the various levels. Class sizes are kept small to assure you of a maximum number of runs, more personal instruction, and a better overall training environment for you and your dog.

Staffed by instructors with years of experience (who have achieved titles on their own dogs), we are well suited to helping you maximize your dog’s potential and your handling skills.

Feel free to browse our site and take a look at what we have to offer. Be sure to check out our Photo pages and our Student’s pages.

Just Who is Canine Capers Anyway? 

Canine Capers started in 1993 with just a few people who were interested in agility. We trained outside wherever we could, hauling equipment back and forth each week. Then we found a covered parking area in Decatur and thought we had found heaven. Our “classes” started with a single class on Thursday evenings. Boy, have things changed.

Canine Capers was instrumental in bringing the sport of agility to Georgia. We also helped other clubs in the area become knowledgeable about the sport and trials, which has led to the many trials now available in the state. Canine Capers is still the only club in the state approved for both USDAA and AKC trials.

What does Canine Capers do with the money from classes?

Canine Capers is a non-profit organization. Your class money helps to pay the rent but we also rely on the proceeds of our trials to cover the deficit. As a non-profit agility organization all monies go back to the club.

How much does Canine Capers pay their Instructors?

No one in the Canine Capers organization is paid for his or her services. We are very fortunate to have many of the top instructors in the state in our group.
Aside from loving the sport and being glad to share their expertise with their students, instructors train in our classes free of charge, they have a key to the building and can come and practice any time the building is not in use.

What about Helpers?

Our helpers are there to learn and to possibly advance to the role of instructor.

As a student, you are a member of the Canine Capers Agility Club. Let us have your ideas, suggestions and opinions any time. We are always looking to improve and student’s suggestions are always welcome.  

So that’s who we are. What would you like your role to be?

If you are a local area resident, or will soon be moving into the Atlanta area, email for additional information.

Please allow up to 2 days for a response – possibly more if it’s a trial weekend.