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Agility Handling Skills

The Canine Capers Agility Handling Skills class focuses on developing a team’s handling system. Handlers will learn proper course analysis including how to determine:

Their dog’s commitment point.

Where turns should occur on a course.

The most efficient path for their dog.

They will also learn how to determine the best way to cue their dog and properly execute (i.e. precisely time and correctly place) cues to help ensure the success of their dog. Handlers will be required to analyze and run full courses, complete focused skill work and discuss different handling options in order to develop a handling “tool box” of skills.

Class Requirements: Dogs must have successfully completed the Canine Capers Obstacle Skills class. 

Class Expectations: Students should expect to spend no less than three sessions (24 weeks) in the Agility Handling Skills class.

What Students Should Bring to Class: A variety of soft food treats and toys, a crate (required at this level), water and a hungry dog.

Skills Required for Advancement: Before teams can advance to the Agility Master class the team must earn an AKC Excellent Standard (AX) title (or equivalent) and demonstrate the ability to expertly analyze Excellent/Master level courses for his/her team. A handler must also be able to correctly execute all common agility crosses and moves such as fronts, rears, blinds and forced fronts as well as maneuver his/her dog efficiently through common agility sequences such as serpentines, threadles and pin wheels.